Holistic Health for Animals 2019 Annual Conference.

Creating the EVENT I dream of! Many of my MENTORs in one place sharing their AMAZING education.

OLIVER & Ellen Wenker (DR Oli), Tom Mayes, Dr Nancy Brandt, Dr Susan Albright, Dr Barbara Fox, Mickey Young, Mark Maroney, Joyce Jackson, Jake Cunningham, Myles Hairston, Yvonne Litza & Liz Reyes, RAYMOND GRACE (represented by his Daughter April & Charmane James, Yes the World Champion Barrel Race), Hila Hjorth & Marco Gentile

Topics: Could Herbs Be The Answer, Everything you need to know about Epigentics, Oh my what’s in that eye, BioFeedBack near or far, Acuscope, Dynamite Products, Animal Bio Energy Plus (can’t wait to learn this RAIN DROP Method), THERE is HOPE after a BAD Prognosis, How important are MINERALS, Rescues, did deep into their Emotions. So dang EXCITED! This is just a partial list.